New Car!

Well, I finally jumped off the deep end of good sense and bought a new car. The one I have is a Titanium Perl (medium metallic grey) 5-speed manual 3.0L V6. This car is a dream to drive: smooth, fast, and responsive. I wanted one two years ago, and thanks to an improved credit score, I now have one. I’m going to baby this car so much, it’s not even funny. Sure I’ll be in debt for a while, but that’s the American Way(tm).

I’ve had it for almost a week now, and I’m still getting used to the dimensions and handling characteristics so I can park straight. It doesn’t have bucket seats, but it sure feels like it. Man, it’s like being in a cockpit; the whole driver’s side just seems molded into the perfect shape for effortless shifting and laid-back comfort. Ahhhhh, I’ll stop now. ^_^

But that’s all for now. My to-read list of books grows steadily shorter, with Black House as the current selection. I’ve been talking with some people, and I think I want to start writing again. It seems like the book/story ideas in my head are threatening to overwhelm the number of AOL disks I have, so I have to at least get some of them written down.