Now *that* was a wedding!

Congrats, Doug and Emily, you must have had the most enjoyable wedding I’ve ever attended. Lots of friends from all over, showed up to be there for your big day and I must say I’m glad we were all there.

The lucky couple went to Oregon for their honeymoon to sample wines from all of the vineyards that they say are down there. I don’t know a damn thing about wine because I hate it, but I still hope they have a great time and come back with whole crate-loads of their favorites.

And that makes the third couple of my college friends who have gotten married. That’s one per year since my graduation so far, oddly enough. But then again, the first two, everyone knew would happen… this was more of a pleasant surprise. It makes things interesting to think about where everyone will be in five years. Time sure passes quickly these days, and something tells me that there’ll be quite a few more weddings before I know it. Who knows, maybe even I’ll jump off that bridge.

We’ll see. In the meantime, I wish all of the married couples I know long and satisfying lives together. Don’t forget to have kids, you guys; pure C&G children would be frightening indeed.