Hahahah, fun times...

So, I’ve put up a new rant inspired by poor Becky’s Live Journal escapades. I’ve been meaning to write this for a year, so if any of you take this personally, you’ve got more issues than I do.

Doctor says my tennis elbow is basically gone. But in its place, I’ve developed a touch of radial tunnel due to the exercises and things I’ve been doing to get rid of the tennis elbow. I just can’t win, can I? My bronchitis is essentially gone, and the weather is getting better, so I have very few rights to complain other than that. So I won’t. I’ll just enjoy the rest of the night and read a couple chapters in my latest book before I go to bed.

I suggest people take a chill pill now and again. Sure I seem to get all riled up in my rants, but really it’s all for entertainment. Remember that through college my mantra was that things aren’t always as they seem. If any of you get directly offended by my latest rant, then you’ve read it wrong, and I suggest you try it again with a different mindset or point of view. I’m not really out to piss people off, but for God’s sake, have some perspective. You can’t just write people off because you don’t agree with them. Jesus tapdancing Christ.