Bad Elbow!

So… I now have freaking Tennis Elbow of all things. Odd, considering I don’t play tennis. I think I know what caused it, but what annoys me most is that almost everything I do aggravates it in some way. Typing, driving, DDR, name it. Thankfully it’s my left elbow… otherwise I’d probably go even more insane than usual.

Seems like Becky’s getting everyone she knows involved in some kind of online blogging site. Thankfully I can avoid all that, since I basically have the same thing here. ^_^ Not that it matters, nobody actually reads this site except for me anyway. Heh.

One more payment and my credit card is paid off. Now that all my student loans are configured to automatically withdraw, and everything else is automated, I can basically just check my online bank balance periodically to make sure everything is kosher. There was about five months of annoyances thanks to Iowa Student Loan and their new billing system. I swear, you’d think they’d have their act together a little better than that. It took me five months to clean up the mess caused by thier migration. At least, I think it’s fixed. If not, I’m soooo going to a bank to pay them off and consolidate the hard way. I’m that sick of them right now.

Snow in April… and some people wonder why I’m so desperate to leave the Midwest.