Whoops, no updates!

Ok, so I finally bought a laptop. It’s a Dell 4150; very nice design and I’m not even too angry with XP just yet. Yeah, yeah… it’s windows. So sue me. I’m about this close to ditching Linux on the desktop anyway. Sure virtual desktops are nice, and having native term windows are great, but by God I hate X, Gnome and KDE. Do people even realize that the Linux GUI uses more memory than Windows!? How the hell did it manage to pull that off? I’ll just stay away from IE and Outlook, install CyGwin and count myself immune to 99% of everything bad about windows.

I had to have Luna shaved, as her fur was just full of mats. I think I’ll take a picture of her and put it up, she looks really funny. I never realized just how efficient she is until I saw that she’s not that much cat, just a lot of fur. A lot of fur. Heck, her tail is as wide as her body is now that she’s been shaved. For those of you who know how active she is, she weighs seven measly pounds. Now I have some idea of just why my cat almost never stops moving.

I’m testing out the wild world of youth group advising. Believe it or not, I was a member of one back when I lived in Spokane, and would have probably been an adviser had I stayed a few more years. So it’s not that much of a stretch. Don’t worry about me going all gung-ho Christian on ya - that isn’t my style, and never will be. Heh.

And finally, I’ve been playing Dance Dance Revolution almost non-stop for the past couple weeks or so. I’ve even gone so far as to cut apart my pad to make sure the contacts are properly working, disable unused parts of the pad, and put it back together on a 4"x4" sheet of plywood to get better accuracy. I also have an extra pad I plan on putting on a 3"x4" piece of office chair-matting so it isn’t as bulky and possibly even portable. Of course, when I play for three hours straight, my feet tend to hurt, so I’m looking for good sources of quarter-inch foam-rubber or carpet padding. I’m pretty sure this is a sign I’ve gone crazy and of the Apocalypse, but I can’t stop playing this game. I can even do 5-foot songs now. Muahahaahah!

Much craziness indeed.