DDR Logo

Lots of stuff on the DDR front, today. First of all, my artist has sent me the final logo a day after Thanksgiving! With this logo, I created fliers I am going to try and post around the area, at Colleges, High Schools, and so on. I’ve also ordered 25 T-shirts with the logo as a 8"x10" print on the front. By the looks of things I may have a couple left, but it’s always better to order more than necessary.

Had the oil changed in my car yesterday, and apparently I had a nail in one of my tires. I guess the nail plugged the hole, but it was still a slow leak. I’ve been driving on this tire for more than a month, which is a bit unnerving. At least the car is taken care of for another six months or so. Thank God for synthetic oil, and a manufacturer that recommends changes every 5000-7500 miles.