Shopping List

Wow… I woke up at 2:30pm today. I must have been way behind on my sleep.

Anyway, some people keep hounding me over what I’d been looking for, for Christmas. Well, in an effort to make this possible, I stopped buying things for myself this month, and instead added it to a list I will now share with you. I’m almost done with Christmas shopping for other people, so this post should result in all Christmas-related details being finished. Yay!

In no particular order:

* Drill Bits.  Lately I've seen a lot of huge 100-piece or greater sets of drill bits and cutters available at Farm and Fleet for around $20.  This would definitely be an improvement over my current 8-bit set that is rusty and dull.
* Resturant Gift Certificates.  Outback, Texas Roadhouse, anywhere really.  Everyone knows I never turn down free food.
* [PQI Thumb Drive](  These are easily the smallest thumb-drives made.  I've been meaning to buy a 512mb model, which can be had for around $45, probably less if I spent all day on [Froogle](
* Fire Safe.  I finally got around to getting a filing cabinet, but for things like the deed to my house, I'd like a fire-safe.  Thankfully, they're fairly inexpensive, if a bit heavy.
* Sealab 2021.  Hilarious series, really.  I have season one already, so seasons two or three would be awesome.
* Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Another great series by Cartoon Network, and again, I already have season one.  Even if you don't get this for me, you should watch it yourself.  Sometimes I doubt they could make it any more random, and I love random!
* Previet Vodka.  I don't drink much at all, but I've read enough to get the prevailing opinion on various good brands.  Previet means a very informal "hello" in Russian, and I know I've seen this brand in the local Liquor store.  Manufactured by the Russian company [Kristall](, this is their economic grade swill that gets exported here, yet is easily higher quality than Absolut and Skyy.  Some day, I plan on trying their highest graded vodka from their [export page](, just to see how it compares.
* Books.  I've been meaning to get any of the books in Neal Stephenson's [Baroque Cycle]( for a while, but I want the hardbacks, and until recently, my reading list has been rather full.  The new illustrated version of [The Da Vinci Code]( looks intriguing.

I may revise this list later… I had something else I was going to add, but I forgot what it was. Oops! Anyway, hope this helps!