This is Halloween!

All Hallows Eve sweeps upon the world, dread and horror, chaos and fear. Perhaps to many, a commercialized source of confectionaries, a call for costumes and door to door begging. Such banality has no place on Halloween, where costumes transform imagination into manifestations of horrible, strange, macabre, exotic, weird and wonderful.

As the celebrations commence, a weekend of enjoyment, parties large and small flourish on the glammer that comes alive with the intangible and unexplained. But for me, the parties were about friends old and new. The Anime group in the area had a halloween party, and for at least a couple hours, everyone had a great time. I left early to drive to Iowa City, but I wished a good time to all before my departure into the night.

Soon, I arrived at Mary’s yearly Halloween party, where I spent most of the time both watching and playing DDR. Justin was there, so to were Jeff and Joy; Sylvia, Miranda, and many others I either forget, or don’t know well enough to name. We ate, we drank, we had fun doing whatever seemed appropriate until some left early, and it became time for the movie. This year we watched Versus, a rather strange zombie movie featuring samauri, lots of guns, punching through heads, and a rather ridiculous amount of scenes featuring neither dialogue or action. It must have been the world’s slowest gore-fest I’ve ever seen.

When it was all over, the only people left in Mary’s house that didn’t actually live there were me and Justin. In the morning, we talked, killed some time, and Justin and I experimented with playing in Doubles mode on DDR. Aside from noteing that Justin has improved dramatically since my housewarming party, doubles mode is much harder than playing on one pad. Switching from one pad to another introduces an element of orientation that I was not prepared for. Before I left, I managed to AA a few light songs, and pass a couple easy 5-foot doubles songs. I think this is something I should practice: it makes using one pad seem easy, and could improve my backward turns. Now I see why it seems like all the really good players have experience with doubles mode.

Now that I’m home, I’m just going to take it easy and hang out with my cats until something better presents itself. After Anime Reactor, two halloween parties, and driving back and forth to everything, I need a break. And with that, I’m off to eat a pot-pie and maybe have some ice-cream.

Until Tomorrow.