2004 Elections - It's Over

Well, the 2004 presidential elections are over. The dust has settled, the towel has been thrown, and aside from a few provisional and absentee ballots, George Bush remains the President of the United States. Though I voted for Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party, I had secretly hoped John Kerry would win the election itself. Though voting for one candidate and desiring the success of another appears contradictory, my reasons will be made clear in the next few days.

The Republican Party now controls The House, The Senate, The Execuative Branch of the government, and a rare opportunity to replace a select number of Supreme Court Justices. Though this doesn’t give them complete and absolute control over the entire government thanks to many votes which require more than a simple majority, the overall effect is clear: let the rubber-stamping begin.

My hope was that John Kerry could curtail the erosion of our civil liberties by contributing to a deadlock situation. With that hope gone, I am going to spend the next few days writing a multi-part essay on the implications, and where I believe everything will culminate. America is in great danger of spiraling irreversibly into a totalitarian theocracy, and I need to understand how it got this far. Please bear with me as I research what went wrong, and if anything can dissuade my estimation that it’s already too late.