Air Not Conditioning

So, my furnace started refusing to blow air into the house yesterday. I tried the usual: throw some breakers, try different settings on the thermostat, all to no avail. So I called a repair company to come fix it this evening. Sleeping last night in an 88-degree house was not fun.

Apparently the blower motor had shorted out and took the furnace fuse along for the ride. So I got to pay for a service call, an hour and a half of labor, a new furnace fuse and mount, and a new blower motor, at the low, low cost of only $426.50. I was hoping magically the problem would be easy and inexpensive to repair; unfortunately my optimism proved insufficient to dissuade reality. I now mourn the newly depleted state of my bank account with bitter and deliciously salty tears of cataclysmic angst, which I will combine with a bucket of popcorn in a feeble effort at innovating a new gothic taste sensation. Wish me luck!