ITG: Ouchy in the Bouffie

I’ve not discussed In The Groove as often as DDR, but to be fair, the game hasn’t been out long. Now that I’ve played every song and passed almost all of them on Hard, and a hand-full on Expert, I can say I’m pretty well acquainted with its offerings in terms of difficulty. Recently I’ve been replaying any song with a score of less than 90%, and finding that I’m almost always increasing the percentage by at least three percent. In some cases, I’ve gone from a failing mark to a low B. Most remarkably, my nemesis Bouff, a somewhat ridiculous chain of 1/8th note jumps and runs at 200bpm presented only average challenge, and I slapped it around for 87%. On a roll, I attempted Disconnected and thwacked it for a resounding 93%. I may have mentioned that ITG songs are basically a foot harder than they claim, so I feel majorly accomplished with this advancement in my skill.

I also watched Fantastic Four on Sunday. Aside from the fact that a machine capable of reversing their mutations destroys the whole point of the super-powerful team, I actually enjoyed the movie. It was fun, amusing, and paced well. I think critics are being overly banal in their treatment of a rather innocuous movie which is hardly Great Cinema(tm), but far short of something unashamedly putrid. Ah well, insert witty cliche retort here.

Until Tomorrow