Enjoyable Annual Celebration of my Escape from the Wretched Womb

Today, I am a year older. Today, I enjoyed meatloaf and cheese-cake with some oatmeal peanut-butter no-bake cookies. Today, I watched a few eposides from the first season of Fraggle Rock I haven’t seen since I was five. Today, I pay no heed to the voices in my head begging me to fear the passage of time. Today, my age is equivalent to 28 cyclical revolutions of The Earth around The Sun.

I wonder where the time went, and how I’ll see this day several years hence. I wonder when I’ll finally be satisfied by my position in life, or if such a thing is even possible. I wonder about quite a lot, relevant and irrelevant to that which has composed my journey thus far. I wonder, most of all, why.

Until Tomorrow