Homeward Bound

No updates from me lately, that’s for sure! Why? Well, I’ve been busy trying to look for a place to live up North. Getting a new job was great, but now I have to sell my poor domicile… unfortunately there seems to be little interest in a weird looking raised ranch in late summer/early fall. And I really can’t even look for a place effectively until I know when I can move in! Aragh!

On the plus side, I finished Star Ocean 3 a couple days ago, and now I’m going to all the bonus dungeons and powering up my characters to do some serious boss ass-whuppin’! All in all, it was a pretty fun game, though the sheer amount of half-hour-long cut-scenes, and the rather boring ending made the experience more grueling than necessary.

Tomorrow is my last day at TownNews.com, and while most people seem happy for me, others seem to be in a sheer hell of panic-driven terror that my absence will somehow cause untold death and destruction to the company. I kinda feel bad, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. I resolved to move North, and now that’s exactly what I’m doing. Living two and a half hours away from Jen for more than a year just didn’t appeal, and there’s no way she’s moving back here. Besides the cost of living, it’s also way more fun up there based on my numerous visits. Unfortunately we’ll all have to live with some stress for a while until the dust settles, but that’s life.

Work is also throwing a going-away party for me on Friday, which should be exceedingly amusing considering the amount of shock that I’m leaving. Jen, Ryan and Amanda, and possibly others will be throwing me a birthday party on Saturday. My birthday is actually on Sunday, but it’s hard to truly enjoy celebrating with reckless abandon on a Sunday. So I’ll be 28 in three freaking days, as if I didn’t already feel old at 27. Considering I still vividly remember turning 25 and hating the quarter-century mark, I don’t see how three years have already passed since then. Stupid time…

Until Tomorrow