A Writer's Work is Never Done

Many apologies! I tried tweaking my http config file and ended up sending my new writing site to the old non-functional mockup. Doh! Anyway, the second part of chapter one should automatically publish itself around midnight tonight, so you’ll be able to read it tomorrow. I added a disclaimer so people who first hit the site will know to read from the beginning.

It’s weird how quickly the words flow when I’m in my groove. Right now I’m just revising old scripts I’ve accumulated over the years, but in a couple days I’ll have exhausted those and need to generate new content. Oddly enough I’ve already outlined several entries worth, possibly even two whole chapters. I do this on the L as it screeches and thumps while ferrying me to work. Not exactly an environment conducive to writing, but it doesn’t matter. I won’t question this, and neither should you.

This is fate, and I make my own.

Until Tomorrow