Writing with Both Eyes

Though I was starting to get ahead of schedule with Rabbit Rue, there was a minor setback as I was unable to write over the weekend. Not to say hanging out with Jen is some terrible inconvenience, but while trying to build between myself and my schedule, an appreciable buffer, I nevertheless lost ground. To compensate, I’ve redoubled my efforts to fill the hopper with at least a week’s worth of content. Every day will witness me writing feverishly, so the current Monday, Wednesday, and Friday publication schedule can remain in effect. And of course, here is my usual entreaty to read it.

This morning I’ve attended what will hopefully be my last eye exam for the year. I’ve been wearing my new contacts for about a week now, after having the left one tweaked to crystal clarity following a disastrous first iteration. Unfortunately after having received the newly enhanced left contact, the right one revealed its true inadequacy. I noticed this immediately upon inserting both contacts last Monday, but my optometrist requested I “give it a week.” The week came and went without improvement, and after a few adjustments, the prescription was apparently too high by about 3/4 of a diopter in both astigmatism and myopia. For the uninitiated, that combined error reduced my right eye from 20/20 to around 20/45 or worse. For me, that’s actually not a large discrepancy, but that’s only because I’m beyond legally blind without corrective lenses. Incidentally after the tweaks, I was able to nearly read the 20/15 line using both eyes. So after pestering my poor eye doctor for over a month of repeated visits and adjustments, my vision is clearer than anything I’m capable of remembering. 20/15? With my eyes? Is that even possible?

Until Tomorrow