No Results Ever!

The EP looked through all the event monitor charts I’ve transmitted so far, and didn’t see anything particularly unusual. But he was looking for fast palpitations–basically tachycardia–where I flag anything that “feels weird.” If he’s not alarmed, I can only assume everything is “normal for me,” and move on, right? He wants me to come back a week after I return the event monitor. I don’t expect he’ll find anything odd, since I haven’t had any episodes since the 27th of September aside from lots of PACs and PVCs which are apparently insignificant.

Am I broken record yet?

Thus ends my battery of cardiac tests until the 4th of November. While I was at Northwestern, I picked up the CDs of my MRI films, and some of the analysis at the end of the slides makes it highly obvious I have CC-TGA. The tech claimed some of my viewing windows were weird thanks to the dextrocardia, not that I have a vast sea of experience interpreting MRI films to know the difference. I guess that means I need to call in and inform my cardiologist the MRI results are in, since reading them is way beyond my area of expertise. We’ll see if I can get her to sit down and explain the damn thing instead of just telling me “it looks normal for you.”

Until Tomorrow