Moon for my Honey

A lot of you are probably wondering how the honeymoon on Hilton Head Island went. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say anything, but I can bring up a few highlights.

We had the hotel practically to ourselves for the 22nd and 23rd of December. I’m unsure quite how that happened, but it was highly enjoyable to wander the halls with impunity and have the hot tub to ourselves. I quite enjoyed Hudson on the Docks, though there was certainly a bevy of exquisite sources of victuals dotting the island and surrounding area.

I still wear a mild tan obtained from our Wednesday jaunt along the sunny beach, and had I a shovel, I would have dug for clams, just to say I have–there were easily thousands of holes in the sand spouting water and betraying every clam attempting to hide. Jen found a few shells, that upon further inspection, actually contained hermit crabs. Jen dropped these quickly upon being unexpectedly accosted by scrabbling claws seeking purchase. Later in the week, we rented bikes and rode all over the island, and covered at least four miles of beach before turning back before we got irretrievably lost. Really, we just took it easy.

The highlight of our trip was in Savannah–more specifically, the Owens Thomas House with a tour guide who spent over an hour detailing the history and architecture involved, and the Cathedral of St. John, with quite possibly the largest pipe-organ I’ve ever lain eyes upon and a rather impressive history. We ended the trip by hanging out at all the tourist-trap shops on River Street before finally heading back to the Hotel. Oddly enough, that day started out densely foggy and didn’t bode well, but culminated as one of the hottest days in December at a sunny and balmy 80 degrees!

Basically we’re somewhat unhappy to have been forced to return after lounging in warm air and shamelessly treating ourselves to lots of island grub–not that there’s any dearth of scrumptious culinary establishments in the Chicago area. We just wish–and suspect you might as well–we could have brought the weather back with us. We even joked about moving to Georgia, but faced with summer Down South, any talk of such a relocation quickly ceased.

We both enjoyed ourselves, and really, that’s all that mattered; what more can anyone ask of a Honeymoon?

Until Tomorrow