Song: Cry of the Liger

Sung to “Eye of the Tiger”. I also apologize profusely for this.

Glancin’ up, back on its feet.
First it stares, then it pounces.
Through the distance, you can never retreat.
Just a man who’ll be eaten alive!

So many times, it happens too fast.
Its claws and teeth are both gory.
Don’t try to run or it will save you for last.
You must fight, or he’ll eat you alive.


It’s the cry of the liger.
It’s a beast made of fright.
For it is both a lion and a tiger.
And there’s no known survivor,
who has lived through the night.
And the last thing you’ll hear is the cry…
Of the Liger.

Eats your face, just for the meat.
Hangin’ ‘round, lookin’ hungry.
He’ll track you down, ‘cause your entrails are sweet.
It is futile to try and survive!


Runs you down, ain’t gonna stop.
You’re in his territory.
Went the distance, ‘cause he knew you would drop.
Just a man’s vain attempt to survive!


The cry of the liger.