Finances and Fun Pantses

Well, I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I’m not falling for that “Right Before Christmas Sale!” crap this time. I also re-financed my car; finally realizing that I’m not likely to sell my beautiful baby, and that $550 a month is far too much to pay. One of my student loans will be paid off next month, and the fridge and stove are now also paid off. Combined with the $140/month I’m saving on the car, I now have $350 extra every month so I can actually start saving money again. I guess that’s my gift to myself for the holidays.

Someone broke the DDR machine down here, which really pisses me off, because we went through a lot of trouble to convince Miller Time to get it from their supplier. If people are abusing it, I can easily imagine the owners may removing it to avoid further damage. I’ll have to call them soon and determine what went wrong, and when everything will once again be functional.

My body-fat percentage is now a little under 9%. I never would have imagined it would get that low. No six-pack yet, but that’s because I have no muscle tone. Ah well, at least I’m about as healthy as I’ve ever been!

Until tomorrow.