But for the Shouting

So, it’s nice to know that Time Magazine has essentially admitted that the election was manipulated. At least they’re being honest about it now, though using Weasel Words to obfuscate a bit for plausible deniability.

“Steering media coverage” is the definition of manipulation

“Steering media coverage” is the definition of manipulation

I was going to post some huge analysis of how there were tons of inconsistencies, the fact that the challenge lawsuits never even made it to court so the evidence was never heard, or the fact that we should all want audits to reach consensus to finally put this to rest. Turns out I don’t have to.

Other than that, I’ve been experimenting with Ansible some more. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, because I thought it was to automate any type of host through environmental grouping, but it seems more like you make and run playbooks manually. I’ll have to keep messing with it, I guess.

After a few weeks of playing Rebel Galaxy, I have to admit it drew me in about as much as the first time. There’s just something about cruising around random solar systems blowing stuff up using essentially space naval combat, complete with broadsides. The alluring element of it to me is that it doesn’t take a full keyboard of commands to play it; just a regular controller can pull everything off. Built up some credits, bought bigger and bigger ships, and finally put together a Dreadnought that cartoonishly obliterates anything I encounter. Latest playthrough was trying to be a pirate, which is much harder than it seems. The game really wants you to be good, and the amount of reputation you need to lose to do it actually requires a non-trivial amount of grinding.

Have also finally installed Ni No Kuni. It’s a very slow-paced game that I find endearing and relaxing for the most part. About the only thing that annoys me is that the bosses are much harder than the surrounding area support in some cases, as monsters actively attempt escape once you pass a certain level cap. Possibly worse is that captured monsters used as familiars all start from level 1, as they also do when evolved. Yay! More grinding! Which ones are worth spending this grinding on? Who knows!? Yeah… this is one of those times I’m going to rely on a guide so I don’t spend a bunch of time buffing up z-tier familiars that literally make the game harder.

Until Tomorrow