But for the Shouting

So, it’s nice to know that Time Magazine has essentially admitted that the election was manipulated. At least they’re being honest about it now, though using Weasel Words to obfuscate a bit for plausible deniability. “Steering media coverage” is the definition of manipulation I was going to post some huge analysis of how there were tons of inconsistencies, the fact that the challenge lawsuits never even made it to court so the evidence was never heard, or the fact that we should all want audits to reach consensus to finally put this to rest.

PG Phriday: Extended Elections

One of the best features Postgres boasts is the ability to adapt. Any schmo off the street can write an extension and bolt it onto Postgres with nary a second glance. As proof, I’m going to whip one up really quick. That should be enough to convince anyone that it takes no skill at all to add functionality to Postgres. Just so our extension actually does something, let’s start off with the instant-runoff code we wrote a few weeks ago.

How Donald Trump Happened

I know a lot of people watched the election results in disbelief last night, or woke up this morning and thought something like this: There’s a bit of sad truth there. But the real problem is how we reached the point where this was even possible. The amount of incredulity on display here is actually quite shocking to anyone that was paying attention. I knew Trump had some small chance given the political environment in America right now, yet I never thought he could actually win.

May the Worst Man Win

This Super Tuesday, it became readily apparent that Bernie Sanders and his unprecedented run were finally done for. So now that we’ve finally dispensed with the one candidate that genuinely cared, who remains? Donald Biff Tannen Trump, Ted Insane Zealot Cruz, and Hillary Nixon Clinton. Well, if those are my choices, then I may just vote Trump to finally burn the whole thing down, because we clearly deserve it. But wait, Hillary isn’t a narcissistic populist or a religious fanatic, so why do I hate her?

Election in America Town

Well, there we have it. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. For the most part, everyone I know views this as a preferable outcome. One, for whatever reason, perceives Obama as a “dangerous charlatan.” Now, I’m not going to appeal to authority here, but the man is a former professor of constitutional law, wrote two books clearly outlining his core beliefs, and only recently paid off his student loans.